Healthcare - Don't Blame The Free Market – Book Report/Review Example

Business Article: Healthcare: Don’t Blame the Free Market Healthcare concept is concerned with efficient delivery of healthcare service and effectiveness of the medication on the beneficiaries. The government plays a vital role in the promotion and protection of healthcare and social wellness of its inhabitants (Kongstvedt 29). The concept of state has a premise of equal chance in wealth distribution. Additionally, welfare state also includes the public responsibility for the unemployed in a given nation.
The healthcare system in US has constantly been prone to subversion through the practices of mismanagement (Library of the European Parliament, 2013). The country is also faced with a demographic challenge; the old and young population outnumbers the working class population. This leads to financial pressure on the government. Kongstvedt asserts that the provision of a satisfactory health care for a populace of 314 million people is not a mean feat (45). In some instances, corruption, and incidences of ignorance of the unemployed are common.
The US has begun to focus on the welfare system for the unemployed recently on a lower base. This is because it has a lower budget base, although the rate of growth of health care for the unemployed in the country is growing rapidly. The country also deliberates more of its budget in meeting health care needs, employment, and social security (Kongstvedt 57). The US with its population of about 314 million people has a fair way to offer complete health care system to its inhabitants. In addition, providing health care to the unemployed has not been well established.
The post on the mandatory healthcare savings contributions by the civil servants is punitive and limiting. This is given that individuals ought to be given autonomy pertaining to the healthcare matters. This is because 20% is a large proportion of income, especially for the low-income citizens. In this regard, there should be a shift from the government to individuals with regard to the healthcare systems.
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