The Contract for Adoration of the Magi – Book Report/Review Example

The paper "Triangle: The Fire That Changed America by David Von Drehle" is an excellent example of a history book review.
The contract between Messer Francesco di Giovanni Tesori and Domenico di Tomaso di Curado involved the painting of the ‘Adoration of the Magi’. Specifically, this case shows the solemn relationship that characterized contracts between patrons and artists in the 14th century. The contract was so strict and formal judging from the initial contract statement. The patron, Messer Francesco di Giovanni Tesori, had the full control over the context of the painting. The obligation of the painter, Domenico di Tomaso di Curado, was to offer the painting services as agreed. Additionally, depicts some degree of ordinance where the artist was to take orders from the patron.
What aspects of the contract did you find most interesting or surprising?
Interestingly, the details and specifications of the contract seem to mimic and describe the actual painting work. It states that the painter should paint the panel using his hands as shown in the drawing paper. Nonetheless, it fails to recognize the craftiness of the painter and instead outlines the painting procedure. Surprisingly, the patron goes ahead to demand a particular amount of gold in the art.
Do you think things have changed much since the Renaissance in terms of artists' contracts?
Nowadays, things are not much different from the days of Messer Francesco di Giovanni Tesori and Domenico di Tomaso di Curado. The reason for this is that the artist’s contract demands the completion of the artwork within a particular period. Furthermore, there are numerous cases of artists being penalized for breaching a contract.