GBST 300 – Book Report/Review Example

Lecturer’s Globalization as an Ideology The World Bank The World Bank is very informative about Globalization on a general platform, but mainly focuses on the matter from an economic point of view. The way the institution expounds on the topics is inclined to suggest that it supports globalisation although it expresses some of the concerns that comes with the trend such as exploitation of the developing world. The World Bank has two key roles at the time; eradicate extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity in every country.
The institution is funded by different economies in the world and acts as a financial lender for the same economies at a profit. It is sought of a normal bank, but one that works on a much larger scale and inspired to take up social obligations. The Bank is pro-globalization and intends to eradicate poverty and promote equality in all countries over time (The World Bank).
International Forum on Globalization (IFG)
The IFG assumes a very distinctive stand on globalization than the one taken by The World Bank. However, they are both quick to assess the economic aspect of the trend than any other aspect. IFG is against globalization as they site it as a scheme run by international institutions and that it does not have democratic processes. The workings of the institutions are mainly focused at coming up with new ways through which globalization can be run in an equitable, just, democratic, accountable, and sustainable manner.
There is an icon on their website that presents an option to visitors to donate funds for its operations. It can hence be stated that the organization is funded by individual donors. Although the organization seems to be against globalization, it is the policies that govern the trend that it detests. Its quest to change these policies by introducing those it deems as equitable, just, democratic, accountable, and sustainable is how it intends to change the world (IFG).
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