Content Analysis – Book Report/Review Example

Content Analysis The world is changing very fast. The increasing pace of life and the various risk factors like that of the terrorism and the frequent accidents along with various advanced and complicated diseases, have contributed towards the need for advanced medical facilities like never before. It is more felt in the terror and war ridden nation like Israel.
The article articulates about the prevalent standard of procedures (SOPs) at the hospitals of Israel to understand the level of competency that the hospitals handles to manage the mass casualty incidents (MCIs). In order to understand the issue, the research was carried upon 22 hospitals of the country.
At the outset, a dataset was collected from 22 hospitals on the basis of various pre – set parameters. The parameters included that of size, ownerships and the geographical locations. The evaluation criteria also involved the trauma handling capabilities, the status of the hospitals in terms of rural and urban location, relationships with other hospitals, participation of drills and most importantly, the MCI cases that the hospital had dealt with in the three previous years.
The collected data were put into advanced statistical models developed for the analysis of the hypothesis and it was observed that 14% of the sample set (three hospitals) were found to have incomplete SOPs and received poor ratings. 18% of the sample set was identified as the holders of poor ratings as they required major modifications. But the ray of hope was the other 68%. Out of the left out, 50% of the sample (11 hospitals) did not require any modifications as they obtained very high ratings and the remaining 18% were also rated highly and was proposed with minor modifications.
The researchers observed that there prevailed a weak correlation in between the various features of the hospitals and in between the management of actual MCIs. The research also pointed out that the majority of the hospitals of Israel have high degree of standard of procedures in place to manage the multi – casualty incidents.
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