Business Plan: Studying Samples And Selecting The Best – Book Report/Review Example

Business Plan Memo: 4 Moons Pizza Having considered a variety of investment opportunities in the hospitality sector, the 4 Moons Pizza franchise is the recommended opportunity. A proven track record, an exceptionally strong market and a broad-based marketing plan will be the keys to success. It offers unprecedented returns on an initial investment of $500,000.
The franchise has a strong track record (over 50 years) in Oregon. Branding itself as the "Home of the brick oven Pizza" it targets the mid price point, fast casual dining market. Meals are priced above Hoopla Take-and-Bake and Damyno but below Squaretable, 4 Moons principal competitors. Pizza dough is fresh daily, 4 Moons offers craft beers, uses USDA Grade A meat and fresh, local vegetables: All of these factors make it above its competitors in terms of quality and taste.
The planned location is exceptional. It is an existing structure located at 555 West Blue Plum Lane, at Lakeside Center in Ohno, Nevada and will house the first 4 Moons Pizzeria in the state. It is located near the two largest malls in the city, on a major thoroughfare in an affluent and under-serviced area. (The nearest competitors are more than 2 miles away.) Market research indicates, “within the three mile operating radius is a population of 121,705. The total number of households in this area is 48,839 with an average income of $58,197.” The realistic business plan forecasts that if the franchise sells one pizza per month to each household in the target area with an average of $17.00 per household, we would generate $721,141 in one month. Considering that this projection does not include sales to customers from outside the target area of 3 miles this is exceptional. Mall shoppers often finish their shopping with a meal and their will also be drop-ins from outside the target area who are traveling on West Blue Plum Lane. Therefore, income projections of over $800,000 in the first month are not unreasonable.
The powerful and multifaceted marketing plan will facilitate reaching these targets. It is a creative plan that will use a variety of media and approaches including signage, school tours, introductory coupons, the yellow pages and eventually word of mouth following from the quality of both the food and the service.
Business Plan
“4 Moons Pizza”.