Book Review On Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitchell – Book Report/Review Example

Book Review, Gone with the Wind Margaret Mitchell (1900-1949) was an American born in Atlanta to a wealthy family. Her father was a prominent lawyer and her mother was a suffragist. She went to Atlanta’s ‘The Westminster School’ and grew up listening to stories about old Atlanta. After her early education, she went to the Smith College in 1918 to study medicine. She received the ‘Pulitzer Prize for Fiction’ for her novel, Gone with the Wind, the only novel published during her lifetime.
Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell is a romance novel, first published in 1936. The story revolves around Scarlett O’Hara, the daughter of a plantation owner. She falls in love with Ashley Wilkes but later realizes that the man who will be the most significant in her life would be Rhett Butler. Scarlet doesn’t like the financial conditions she lives in and seems anxious to get out of the misery. The novel paints a realistic picture of places and people and the related incidents. The characterization is vital and the content absorbs the readers. The idea of characters and their roles is perfect and they seem as if they had no better place they could fit in anywhere else.
The protagonist, Scarlet O’Hara is a very selfish, dominating and spoiled girl and the reader instantly develops a feeling of hate towards her but her spirit and fascination are no doubt admirable. This probably gives an indication to the reader that people are not good or bad absolutely, there are certain aspects of them that are good or bad. But in the novel, Scarlet pays the price for being an opportunist. But it’s so wonderfully written that the reader doesn’t expect that a girl like Scarlett to save Melanie and some other people by making food arrangements in Tara. This book is a must read for its wonderful illustration and its unpredictable character story.
Three reasons why the class should read this novel; it is addictive, people read this novel over and over again. It is unpredictable and it is very life like, the reader doesn’t lose interest in it till the last page.
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While the whole book is interesting some great themes really bring the variety together. Slavery is one theme which is not presented in this book as a very mean or evil aspect of the American Society. Slaves depicted in the book are generally happy and docile. Second, the book incorporates the theme emphasizing on the personality and not only the looks of women. A stereotypical image of a woman from Southern United States has been presented in the book. Scarlett is presented here as a Southern Belle who is attractive not because of her beauty but because of her charm. American Civil War is another theme portrayed in this book; various battles of the Civil War of United States have been mentioned in this novel.
One quote that stands out from the book is;
“Death and taxes and childbirth! Theres never any convenient time for any of them” (p. 659)