Book 5 Summary – Book Report/Review Example

Book 5 Summary Chapter 38 Catherine and Henry move to a house made of wood by fall. The house has its location on the mountain, which is in the outskirts of Montreux village. The two spend a wonderful life together, and they often walk into the peaceful neighboring villages. Catherine is always worried about the size of her unborn baby because the doctor told her that her pelvis is narrow. She goes out with Henry to drink some beer. Catherine hopes that the beer will keep her baby small. The two discuss marriage, and Catherine agrees to marry Henry in the future. Snow begins falling three days to Christmas. Henry decides to grow beards as proposed by Catherine; however, he does not like the idea of Catherine cutting her hair short. They attempt to sleep at once, but Henry fails to sleep and stays awake staring at Catherine while thinking deeply.
Chapter 39
It is mid-January, and Henry’s beard has fully grown. The pair goes out for a stroll, and they stop at a hotel, which is dark and smoky. They enjoy their time out. Catherine asserts that she wants Henry to continue falling in love with her endless times by cutting her hair upon delivering her baby. Henry tells Catherine that he adores her but opposed to the idea of cutting the hair.
Chapter 40
Catherine and Henry move to Lausanne town in March, so that they are close to the hospital. They spend in a hotel for the duration of three weeks. While Henry is exercising at the gym, Catherine is busy buying clothes for the baby. They enjoy some light moment and wants the baby to come soon.
Chapter 41
Catherine goes into labor at around three o’clock one particular morning. Henry rushes her to the hospital. Henry comes back after going out for breakfast and discovers that Catherine is in the delivery room. The doctor gives Catherine anesthetic gas to inhale by the time that Henry gets into the delivery room. The gas intoxicates Catherine, and she has to undergo caesarean operation. Henry returns from outside and meets the doctor with the baby boy. He, however, has no feelings towards the baby and rushes in to see Catherine. Catherine is bleeding profusely, and Henry worries that she may die. Finally, she dies, and Henry tries to say goodbye but he seems not to see the sense of doing so.
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