Bill Clinton – Book Report/Review Example

Client’s 5 August Medallions Inflicting pain upon others is as old as human history, several stories and novels have been writtenabout such inflictions. 1939-1945 was a period of mass destruction; countless people lost their lives during this period, this paper will expansively analyze a masterpiece from Polish literature by the name Medallions. This masterpiece has been chosen because the author Zofia Nałkowska has had firsthand experience with the investigation of Nazi crimes and this masterpiece is a culmination of such firsthand experiences.
“Nothing of the former world holds true anymore," Zofia Nalkowska wrote in her Wartime Diaries on 7 May 1943. "Nothing has remained." The burning of the Warsaw ghetto had broken Nalkowskas privileged life in two; in the years to come, the need to bear witness to the horrors she had seen firsthand would lead this gifted member of the Polish avant-garde to write the stories in Medallions.” (Medallions Synopsis)
Medaliony better known as Medallions is a very fine novel which consists of eight short stories; it was written in the year 1945 but was published only in the following year. World War II also concluded in the year 1945, this novel contains information which is documentary-narrative. It digs very deep into Nazi genocide and the sufferings of the people. The novel is really easy to understand because it is concisely written; it was written in a prose form which makes it even easier to comprehend. The novel presents an unprecedented experience of the people during the war. The novel is based around the experience of the Polish people and the author is also from Poland. Compromise of humanity is a very important theme with which the novel deals with. The documentary form has been incorporated by the author to give voice to the voiceless, the oppressed people were never allowed to express their feelings by the Nazis, and this novel is an outlet of the oppressed.
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