Mending Wall by Robert Frost – Book Report/Review Example

The paper "Mending Wall by Robert Frost" is an outstanding example of a literature book review. Robert’s Frost “Mending Wall” speaks a lot about the meaning of individualism in the community. The wall that Robert Frost is referring in the poem speaks about the boundaries, either natural or man-made, that exist in this world. The poem explains how ironic the walls that exist between people. The wall describes the individualism characteristic of people. In our society, most of the time people want to go on with their lives alone. Most people want to do their part and end things on their part only. However in the poem, Robert Frost shows an ironic twist with the individualism. In his poem, he wrote that even though there is a wall between the two neighbors and it serves as a boundary, it also serves as the reason for the two neighbors to meet once a year (“Mending Wall”). This means that even though people tend to be individualistic in the society, still the exact boundary that they have built can be the same reason for them to interact. In our time, race, romantic love between siblings, land boundaries between countries, rich and poor, slave and master are some of the boundaries that exist in our culture. One famous example of boundary that exists today is the boundary issue with North and South Korea. Also, before there was a great discrimination between “blacks” and “whites”. However, not all boundaries are problematic or disadvantageous. Some walls exist in our society for a reason to protect us that’s why the poem shared that “Good fences make good neighbors.” As Christians, the walls that bring peace, security and love should be kept because relationship can also be built through boundaries. God’s protection is an example of good wall that protects people like what is said in the Bible, “The LORD is the stronghold of my life-- of whom shall I be afraid?” (Psalm 27:1b, NIV).