Alarabiya: News Middle East – Assignment Example

The paper "Alarabiya: News Middle East" is an outstanding example of an assignment on politics.
Summary: The Houthis Rebels in Yemen have been urged to come to the discussion table to avoid creating more violence, as well as, coming up with a possible solution to avoid involving innocent civilians.
Development: The Houthis initiated an uprising against the government of Yemen in 2004 where they took over most of the departments. This was meant as a means to conquer the government and implement Zaida religious law. The Houthis indicated that their primary objective of overthrowing the government was " defending their community against discrimination" and what they stated as government aggression. In 2009, the Yemen Army launched some fresh offensive wars against the Houthis causing the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. This conflict caused international dimension clashes between Saudi security forces and Northern rebels along the two countries consequently leading to the launch of anti-Houthis offensive (Alarabiya. News Middle East). A Houthis power grabs escalated on 20 January 2015 in Sana. The rebels assaulted the presidential residence where they swept into the presidential bastion. However, their rebellion has caused the deaths of innocent people and the U.N Security Council has caused some peace talks after the unfolding of such events.
Analysis: The rise of the Houthis has caused a great deal of loss for the people including the lives of innocent people. Therefore, the need to negotiate the peace between the rebels and the government is important in order to reduce conflict and the unrest that has to the country. As Kerry stated," We need to Houthis and we need those that can influence them to make sure that they are prepared to try to move... to the negotiating table."