Coca-Cola Company History – Assignment Example

The paper " Coca-Cola Company History" is a wonderful example of a management assignment.
Coca-Cola Company is an American company concerned with the production of worldwide beverages. It was founded way back between 1886-1892 (‭Bean, 2014 page 1) . It is a manufacturer; retailer and marketer of soft drinks making it the largest beverage company in the world today. It is based in Atlanta Georgia in the United States of America. Coca-cola has over 500 brands of drinks distributed for refreshment and enjoyment. Sprite, Fanta, coca cola and Powerade are some of the celebrated brands. The products are distributed in more than 200 countries in the world with a rate of 1.7 billion consumptions per day. Coca-cola is also concerned advocating for environmental conservation and economic development. ‬‬
Coca-cola has been involved in activities sports and environmental conservation conventions. In football world cups coca cola has been the modest contributor in refreshing funs and sponsoring most of the events. The drinks are safe and of high quality and the procedure involved in handling these beverages is credible(Putniņš & Sauka, 2014 page16). The company has improved the livelihood of people through creation of employment in many other countries that enjoy the refreshments. Workers are protected through adherence to favourable working terms and conditions at each level of production. Muhtar Kent who is the chairperson and chief executive with his leadership team has made the impressive progress and success of this company. Today Coca-cola stands out as an icon in the business world made possible by the long-standing years in the market world and it's quality products that have continued to win the trust of its worldwide customers.