Classical Literature: Aeneid, Illiad, and Beowulf – Assignment Example

The paper "On The Road By Jack Kerouac" is a good example of a literature assignment.
The Aeneid is able to talk of the rise of the Trojans from the immense depths that fate had pushed them to. It employs various literary techniques and devices so as to give the reader the sense of having witnessed the rise of a race.
The chorus serves to make the audience of the play or the performance aware of the larger implications of the story or certain parts of the story that the author is unable to demonstrate on stage.
The plot of the Aeneid is remarkable in that it is able to incorporate several characters and yet, able to flesh them all out. The characters emphasize certain humour and also certain forms of living and virtues.
In Antigone and Illiad, there is considerable significance that the gods have over the lives of humans. In the Aeneid, too, there is a similar influence of gods. There is a certain level of free will that is demonstrated by Aeneas at a certain point of time in the work though.
Beowulf is a hero who is prominent as a result of his immense physical prowess. He also exemplifies the old order that he attempts to preserve. He does this through an immense amount of loyalty to social codes.
Beowulf talks about the importance of courage in the protection of one’s beliefs. This can be seen in the loyalty that Beowulf upholds, to his subjects, even at the cost of his own life.
Beowulf is one of the oldest works of fiction and can be said to be a work that promotes the status quo of that age. It does so through a valorization of the past that it talks of.