Reading Assignment 3 – Assignment Example

The Role of Divergent and Convergent Thinking The Role of Divergent and Convergent Thinking Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Process is a scientific methodological paradigm used by problem solvers to facilitate the use of creativity in achieving goals, overcoming challenges, and increase the possibility of positive outcomes (Dhillon, 2006). Specifically, this process encompasses three fundamental components, that is, understand the problem, generating ideas, and planning for action. In addition, these three phases are further divided into six stages that provide specific intervention in the operation. However, there are two fundamental applications in the CPS process because they assist the problem solver in brainstorming various options and in narrowing the choices to select the most effective and efficient solution (Dhillon, 2006). Specifically, divergent thinking helps in the generation of multiple possible responses to an open-ended question while convergent thinking aids in balancing the different technique to select a suitable approach to a problem.
Divergent thinking characterizes the creative nature of human thoughts and actions. For this reason, in the CPS process, divergent thinking is a tool or technique employed by the problem solver to generate diverse ideas, options, alternatives, or responses to a problem. The application of this technology aids in the development of many ideas that are independent but developed a creative insight (Dhillon, 2006). The emphasis is on the creation of many ideas without logistical constraints, judgments, or limitations. Consequently, this provides the decision maker with a pool of options to compare and select the most appropriate to the requirement of the problem.
Convergent thinking emphasizes on a systematic approach that select an ideal pattern in the selection of the produced ideas (Dhillon, 2006). Specifically, this is balancing the divergent thinking by bringing together the randomly generated ideas to choose the most appropriate for the problem at hand. In other words, convergent thinking is a funnel that decreases the scope of the ideas by analyzing, judging, eliminating and selecting the suitable option for the event. Additionally, this technique follows a thorough scrutiny and evaluation based on the merit of an idea or its ability to provide a near-perfect solution to the problem (Dhillon, 2006). As a result, the integration of the divergent and convergent thinking in a creative approach produces an ideal solution to the problem at hand.
Dhillon, B. S. (2006). Creativity for Engineers. Singapore: World Scientific Pub. Co.