Profilers: Career Interests + Work Values – Assignment Example

Profilers: Career Interests + Work Values
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Profilers: Career Interests + Work Values
Career Interests Profiler
After taking the career interests profiler, the following were the indicated results:
Enterprising – 33, Conventional – 31, Social – 29, Artistic – 26, Investigative – 20, and Realistic – 11. After reviewing the match results, as disclosed, three stars represent the strongest matches. Job Zone 2: interviewers; reservation and transport ticket agents and travel clerks; customer service representatives. Job Zone 3: advertising sales agents; first-line supervisors or managers of office and administrative support workers; loan officers; travel agents; first-line supervisors or managers of personal service workers. Job Zone 4: agents and business managers of artists, performers, and athletes; training and development managers; human resources managers; education administrators; arbitrators, mediators, and conciliators. Finally, Job Zone 5: education administrators (elementary, secondary and postsecondary); chief executive, curators, and medical and health service managers.
Honestly, I am impressed with the accuracy with which the Career Interests Profiler was able to identify career opportunities that highly match my interests. Since the strongest interest among the vocational categories is enterprising, most matches generated occupational positions that were consistent with personal and professional knowledge, skills, and abilities.
Work Values Profiler
After I took the Work Values Profiler, the following summaries of the results were generated. The top Work Values are: Achievement – 27 and Recognition – 26. However, the other Work Values in order of Importance are: Independence – 22, Relationships – 16, Support – 16, and Working Conditions – 11.
The following are the occupations with the strongest matches (three stars). Job Zone 3: radio and television announcers; music composers and arrangers; umpires, referees and sports officials; Job Zone 4: computer systems engineers and architects; financial analysts; auditors; reporters and correspondents; and Job Zone 5: hospitalists, epidemiologists, surgeons, and biologists.
It was interesting to find out from the Work Values Profiler what values were my priorities. As such, achievement and recognition were deemed top work values, which could be used by organizations in identifying drives and motivational factors that are crucial for the attainment of organizational goals. When developed and applied, these values assist the organization in attaining its goals and assist the individual in achieving his or her professional objectives and attaining self-esteem. The occupations were also interesting, as they had not even crossed my mind before as potential future careers.
Overall, after being apprised concerning career interests and work values, I learned new insights and possible career opportunities to delve into in the near future.