The Low Cost of Heroin Use Has Had a Significant Impact on Maternal Child Patients – Assignment Example

The paper "The Low Cost of Heroin Use Has Had a Significant Impact on Maternal Child Patients" is an exceptional example of an assignment on nursing.
Policy statement: The low cost of heroin use has had a significant impact on maternal child patients, specifically leading to a drug withdrawal in newborns crisis.
Actual statement: Heroin's classification as a teratogen is not correct because conducive research indicates it actually leads to birth defects in newborns.
Frontpage (2007) One of the worst cases that nurses come across is to assist children that are newborns. Nearly 4 % of all pregnant women are users of illicit drugs during pregnancy. More importantly, use of heroin can lead to poor fetal growth, premature delivery, and immature birth. Conducive research even indicates that premature tearing of the membranes is also a major risk as it can to lead to fetus leaking fluids. Post-birth, the effects of heroin are extensive and go beyond cerebral palsy, seizure disorder, and mental retardation. There are several effects that the use of heroin has on the fetus during development, though it is difficult to test. Since there are no observable physical abnormalities in infants born from addicted mothers, heroin's classification as a teratogen has been questioned. Moreover, many single mothers just that cannot take care of this child rely on foster homes to harness the development. Currently, the public policy is weak as it allows a mother to drop their newborns to foster child. This has been a huge detrimental flaw because newborns have a huge probability of developing illnesses such as dyslexia, behaviour problems, and mental illness. Without a proper support, these kids lack the proper nurture and nature to harness their development. Hence, one action item is to rename the classification of the heroine as a teratogen and ensure that testing is conducted. The second way to resolve this issue is to ensure that a well-rounded support system is created to cultivate the growth of these newborns.