Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia: Monumental Dilemma – Assignment Example

The paper "Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia: Monumental Dilemma" is an excellent example of a cultural assignment.
According to the Oxford dictionary, a dilemma is a situation whereby a hard choice or decision is to be made. The dilemma is very much evident in the readings on the monumental dilemma.
The dilemma is presented in the form of environmental issues. The Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia was set aside to conserve cultural heritage, religion and the surrounding environment. However, due to its accessibility by tourists, the park has been torn apart by pollution through inappropriate waste disposal and brushing away of rocks due to numerous visitors who visit the area. Furthermore, the people who live in the vicinity of the park do not view that as a big problem because their livelihood is protected by guards around the park. On the other hand, the people have to make a hard choice by letting government officials embezzle revenue generated by the park as long as there are visitors and their security is guaranteed.
The dilemma can be solved and everyone benefits. Firstly, the Prime Minister and the government should establish a proper waste disposal system that is eco-friendly in a manner that it can be recycled without degrading the environment. Secondly, well laid down pavements should be constructed to avoid corrosion of the rocks, hence conserving the geology of Angkor park’s landscape. The people should elect just officials to foresee that money generated from the park is used wisely in the development of the area. Furthermore, the government should construct a national archive to store the cultural valuables of the people around the park. This would enhance continued tourism activities without destroying the people’s culture. Moreover, security should be beefed in the park to avoid issues of vandalism. By doing so, tourism would be enhanced and carried out efficiently and there would be even increased in revenues.