Cost of Adverts in Australia – Assignment Example

The paper "Cost of Adverts in Australia" is a great example of a marketing assignment. The business world has become increasingly competitive in the recent past. This places a compulsion for businesses to adopt effective marketing strategies. Technology has served to increase the media forms used in marketing and promotion. Businesses can choose whether to place adverts on television, radio, magazines or rely on the internet. Each media form used in advertising has varied cost implications. Several factors determine the cost of advertising in all these media forms. The expected audience is a critical consideration as well as the number of repeats expected. Businesses that intend to reach a wider audience spend more on advertising. In Australia, a company intending to place an advert on channel 9 during the prime time, especially during the grand finales of reality TV shows should be willing to part with about $150, 000 for 30 seconds. This is majorly because grand finales of reality TV shows attract a huge audience (Alarcon 4). Moreover, many companies compete for a slot during such prime times, a factor that increases the cost. However, channel 9 charges lower rates during other times of the day. On the other hand, placing an advert to be aired on the FM 88 Tourist Network during prime times of the day for a 30-second slot may cost over A$ 2,000 if the advert is to be repeated 20 times. Notably, this cost does not include the GST, hence is likely to be higher after inclusion. A company may also choose to advertise with the Australian business journal, which offers different rates depending on the size of the advert as well as the frequency of appearance. In the case of a double page spread, a company should be prepared to pay about A$13, 000 for a single advert. Placing more adverts of the same size is cheaper. For examples, the magazine charges A$ 7, 490 per advert if the company chooses to place 3 of them. Placing more adverts makes the rates relatively lower. A company that chooses to use the internet has different options. The cheapest option involves advertising on websites that charge fixed rates on annual basis. For example, the Webandprint design website charges $300 as setup fee and an annual fee of $300 as well for a full-page advert.  Evidently, numbers have critical value in advertising. It appears that national TV channels, which serve a great audience, charge more. The cost in local television channels may be much lower, but prime time attracts more charges even on local television (4). Some magazines in Australia, which have a large audience, have higher advertising rates. In the case of radio advertising, costs vary with prime time, setup of the advert and the expected number of repeats. Internet advertising may be cheaper if the company chooses a cost-effective option.