Geology Assignment 1 – Assignment Example

GEOLOGY ASSIGNMENT Questions Pencil lead is made of graphite and as such, it contains only carbon atoms. It is neither a silicate nor carbonate and, therefore, had different properties from those in the table. It is a nonmetal. All the compounds in the table have two or more elements as compared with graphite, which has only one element. Graphite does not have metallic compound; therefore, it would not be metallic and will mostly maintain the color or carbon, which black or dark colored. It is a soft metal due to its nature to be used as a pencil.
3.) Hematite has the component of iron and oxygen. Iron in most of the compounds in the table forms dark colored compounds. Since it is a salt and contains iron, which is a metal, it is metallic. The compound is not a silicate, carbonate and as such, it can be classified among others.
4.) When comparing K-feldspar with biotite, we get to see that both compounds have almost similar chemical compound but specifically one has additionally magnesium and iron (jones, 2005). The two additional metals contribute to its dark color. K-feldspar does not have the two elements and thus the difference in color. In this case, muscovite will be light colored due to lack of iron and magnesium elements while biotite is dark colored due to the presence of iron and magnesium.
5.) Gabbro is a ferromagnesian silicate and will, therefore, exhibit the properties outlined above in the table that are dark colored and nonmetallic. Gabbro will supposedly be dark in color due to the presence iron and magnesium as elucidated in the table. Since it is a ferromagnetic silicate, it will be nonmetallic, according to the table.
Jones, C. (2005). Lotus illustrated dictionary of geology. New Delhi: Lotus Press.