Inception Movie – Assignment Example

The paper "Inception Movie" is a great example of an architecture assignment. Inception is a science fiction heist thriller film that exploits the idea of sharing a dream amongst two or more people extract information from a person’s subconscious mind. It could offer insight into how architecturers use dreams to design buildings for different in different environments. The subconscious mind can build a lot of different structures in a short span of time. 
Thesis statement
The paper will discuss Arthur’s and Eames dreams and their environmental impact to their characters Arthur’s dream is meant to offer second level dream from Yusuf’s dreams who drives the extractors in the downtown Los Angeles. The dream happens in a hotel where Dom’s plan is to change Fiscer’s subconscious to accept inception. It proves to be hard because Fischer has hired a bodyguard to guard him against inception. Yusuf drives the van into the bridge, removing the gravity from Arthurs dream. Eames dream is designed to finish the job by rigging the fortress by explosives. In an attempt to finish the job, Cobbs falls into limbo with Arienda. The limbo affects all the operation because of the perception and memories of his wife. His wife(Mal) died after they had experimented with the technology spending fifty years building their perceive and a perfect world with their children (Ebert 63). Eames hits a snag when Yusuf tried to sink the Van carrying extractors in downtown Los Angeles. It causes an avalanche in Eames’ dream making their plans to a halt.
Environmental influences on their characters
Arthur’s dream is set in a hotel where they are trying to convince Fischer unknowingly to accept inception.  They don’t know that Fischer has employed a bodyguard to guard him against inception. The environment in a hotel is set where people are dining and resting. The environment molds Arthur’s character from an innovates, hard working and protectives. Arthur innovates the military technology with cobs, he works hard in the hotel to protect extractors in Eames’ dream.  The hotel is made into Arthur’s dream about his perfect hotel (Ebert 129).
Eames’ dream is the final level of a dream to execute their plans. Due to the shooting of Yusuf’s van, Eames’ dream takes place a snowy mountain fortress. He becomes innovate when they have avalanche and decides to climb down the hill. He works hard to keep away the guard from attacking Cobbs, Saito, and Ariende when they fall into limbo. The environment makes it hard to for Eames to execute his plan and Cobbs decides to improvise ways of extracting information from Fischer.
The film can be used to inspire architecturers to imagine of beautiful structures. Ariende is an architecture graduate who uses his memory to make a whole new place from the old shows that in the subconscious mind, people think of images that can only be dreamt. Cobbs used the military technology to con people of their idea. The technology also helps him to get back to his family, which is the important thing to him.