Illegal Immigration – Assignment Example

The paper "Illegal Immigration" is a wonderful example of an assignment on social science.
The growth of an immigrant population in one suburb or city affects the whole region to which that suburb or city belongs. It is easy for immigrants to move to another part or region so once they move, the whole region is impacted either positively or negatively. Many of the towns, cities, and suburbs are like Carpentersville in Illinois which are not self-contained developments. As immigrants are free to move, so are the bad elements and criminals able to move freely too. It also affects regional policy on issues such as housing, jobs, tax spending, and education.
Some of the problems (or issues and challenges) that may arise out of such drastic increase in an immigrant population will be crime, higher demands on public services (health care, education, garbage collection, water services, energy or electricity, etc.) and possible ethnic conflicts or some differences due to culture, values, beliefs, and religion, for example. An advice to give the city council is to appraise it of such development and propose ways to manage this rise in immigrants (whether legal or not) such as forming a task force to conduct a correct census and so give the city council a good idea of the issue they are facing. Another advice is to make a quick assessment of the city's resources against the demands imposed by a rising population and if the resources available are able to meet such demands. If this fails, a solution like that by Hazleton can be an option as a last resort to curb or discourage an influx of new immigrants. What was done in Tennessee using “immigrant-receiving” communities initiative to ease tensions that may arise, if any, and prevent these right away can also be copied by the city council.
Opponents of immigrants can point to an increase in immigrant populations (more so if a majority of them are illegals) as a proximate cause of a rise in crime and this claim can be proved by crime statistics easily. Many illegal immigrants are prone to commit crimes such as robberies, burglaries, illegal drugs, prostitution, and carjackings because of the absence of job opportunities for most of them as they lack legal papers for employment and for those who can find work, they receive very low pay, oftentimes way below the minimum wage required by law. However, local law enforcement agents are reluctant to enforce immigration laws by citing it is a federal government responsibility. State and local officials perceived their duties as limited only to the criminal provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and civil actions such as apprehension and deportation properly belong to the federal government. They also cite possible impact on their local communities as an immigration crackdown can result in a backlash by the people affected such as rioting, looting, and other public disturbances in the area. This is a real problem in states with large foreign-born populations like California, New York, and Florida.