Discussion Case#1 – Assignment Example

DISCUSSION CASE DISCUSSION CASE There are many who hold the position that the US healthcare delivery system is in a state of crisis. Most of them, these people argue from the perspective of the breakdown in the correspondence between stakeholders who must ensure that they coordinate their efforts to deliver quality service (Henderson, 2012). As noted by, the healthcare system is a chain that needs to be managed at all stakeholder levels if its collective success can be realised. With the coming of the patient protection and affordable care act (PPACA), the criticism has been that policy makers have been overly particular about affordability, leaving out the need for quality. This position is however not shared. Instead of thinking of the healthcare system as being in a crisis, the best description that can be given is a state of transition. There are statistics that show that the current system has increased the capital base of the healthcare system by more than tenfold (Winkfield, 2011). Meanwhile, Henderson (2012) supports the idea that for the quality component of the healthcare system to be consolidated, it is important to have a very strong financial base that will be used in running the system. With the quantum of money that the PPACA has brought therefore, it is better to look at the healthcare system as being at that point where it is transiting to have all the parameters that makes it quality. For example, when there is a very good financial base, quality equipment can be afforded. What is more, more monitoring can be done. The training of professional will be improved, as well as motivation that will go to health workers. Meanwhile, all these are parameters that ensure a successful healthcare system.
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