Leadership and Nursing Care Management – Assignment Example

The paper "Leadership and Nursing Care Management" is an exceptional example of an assignment on nursing. As a team manager, my choice would be the team nursing care delivery models. In this case, it determines those nurses responsible for performing the various outlined tasks and determines who makes decisions (Huber, 2009). The models match the number and even the type of caregivers to the particular needs of the patients. 
1. It responds to both the clients and employees’ needs. This is because the nurses are responsible for the total care of patients and in planning and organizing tasks in the organization. This takes place under the total patient care. In the event of taking total care of patients, these nurses can also take care of the fellow employees needs whenever such needs arise.
2. The model stresses on the individualized care of clients on a more personal level than care based on tasks on an impersonal level. The model ensures that the number and even type of caregivers are matched to the needs of the patients thus providing high quality and cost-effective care for patients.
3. The nurse leader is able to motivate employees to learn and develop new and creative skills. The leader instructs and supervises those employees ensuring that the employees maximize on their potential on the job increasing the satisfaction of clients.
1. It requires the spirit of a team to succeed. The nurses have to work together in collaboration for the model to succeed. 
2. The registered nurse might be the team leader one day and a team member the next day. This is because there is no officially assigned team leader. As a result, the care of patients may suffer.
3. Care is broken down into 8 to 12 hours of accountability. Thus, in case a patient requires to be taken care of out of that range of accountability, they may get services of low quality. This is because the nurses are out of the accountability period.