Week#3 – Article Example

Week#3 This is a summarization paper involving readings of Murakami from Preface to ‘The Place…’ covering pages from 245 to 303.
The poem ‘An old man Awake in his own death by Strand Mark is a revelation of transformation and inspiration of a better life. This is associated with events reported in “Underworld” as described below.
In Underground preface, Aum Shinrikyo is introduced as an identified threat or a ‘black box’ (247). The Aum Shinrinkyo is a religious cult whose members involved in a gas attack that affected all. It is revealed that ‘Aum Shinrikyo organization was committed to the gas attack’ (250). The events in the readings are based on interviews that Murakami had with Aum members. On page 251, Hiroyuki Kano is introduced ad he gives his account and perception of Aum Shinrikyo. The acts of Aum organization were carried by members after brain wash, the initiation Hiroyuki calls LSD could made individual to lose their sense of body thus could do anything at whatever cost (261). Kano claims that taking life was only possible for those who were able to “discern the process of transmigration and rebirth” (263). This is an indication that Aum teachings were out of ordinary and encouraged the gas attack.
Akio Namimura interview also reveal the mind transgression that happened to him. In page 281, he says “My consciousness had gone over to the other side and I couldn’t get back.” It is clear from interviews that Aum act as a promise land to members and aspirants. Musutani’s interview presented the negative side of Aum that the previous interviewees did not reveal. He got excommunicated for criticizing Aim’s policies (293). Aum based on Buddhism teaching depended on manipulation of individuals mind set as it believed that “the self is the true master of the self, and keep the self an island” 301. These teaching convinced other and presented new hopes that did not materialized. The innovative Underground (Aum interviews) was observed by a number of critics as being biased, an observation that Murakami f shared, prompting his publishing “The Place That Was Promised.”
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