Science, Technology and Innovation Management – Article Example

The paper "Science, Technology and Innovation Management" is a great example of a management article review.
Article by Adam Bryant illustrates vividly the importance of intellectual honesty in a business management. He points out that good and sober intellectual honesty in any organization is the main source of the organization’s success in its operations. He points out that intellectual dishonesty in an organization may inculcate a bad business culture that can lead to poor and unrealistic decision makings where individual’s opinions can be disregarded without the deeper scrutiny of their importance in the success of the organization. He also emphasizes the importance of feedback in an organization when one is assigned duty. This is important because it enables the organization to identify where their strengths and weaknesses are.
The article by Adriana Bin emphasizes the need to include science, technology, and innovation in the management of any business entity. This will enable an organization to be updated with the new changes in the market concerning the production of goods and services that best fits the customer’s tastes and preferences. The article also proposes viable methods that are very vital to managers in dealing with the challenges of innovation and implementation of new systems of management. Technology in management helps expand the economies of scale of a business as it enables the management to explore a variety of market opportunities using services such as the internet and youtube. This will, therefore, increase the organization’s sales and eventually its revenues.
Mark Josephson article on Leading with a Compass, emphasize the importance of networking in the management of a company or any business. He notes that when a accompany starts to network in its early years of operations; it expands its market base by a huge margin, making it compete favorably with other firms in the same market to gain a larger market share. It is also important to highlight here that, the author notes the need for priorities in management, where the company first considers what they have an absolute advantage in producing, as this will make the Company save on its resources and maximize profits.
Lessons from chapter 12 of MIS4 (4 ed.) in relation to the Articles.
This chapter emphasizes the decision making support systems. From the above-illustrated articles, I, therefore, learn that decision support systems help in the efficiency of the daily operations of the business as it reduces the time spent in decision making. This is noted by Bidgoli’s model of MBMS that is made up organized, real-life information such as consumer accounts documents. This, therefore, relates to the articles on the importance of intellectual honesty in decisions, good leadership skills and the roles of technology in decision making. These relate well to Bidgoli’s idea of support decision making systems.