What Is the Difference between Sex and Gender – Article Example

The paper "What Is the Difference between Sex and Gender?" is a great example of an article review on gender&sexual studies.
One of the things that society has not yet fully understood would be the difference between the concept of sex and gender. As most people would think of it alike, the truth of which is that each is slightly different from the other. Sex is used to refer to biological differences which could be characterized by chromosomes and hormonal makeup of a living thing. On the other hand, gender is used to describe characteristics of being feminine or masculine of a living thing based on the qualifications a society or culture suggests (What is the difference between sex and gender, n.d.). With this said, sex is a fixed attribute of a living thing while gender is something that could change with the beliefs and culture of a society.

Looking at these descriptions and how it contributes to the sociological behavior of societies today, I would say that “sex” is believed to be more “natural” as a term as compared to “gender”, though the latter is actually the more accurate description. An example of which would be how people use “sex” to distinguish a boy from a girl basing on one’s physical appearance. However, “gender” is a more accurate term because in today’s modern society where we are now open to homosexuals, metrosexuals, and cross-dressers, “gender” does not only encapsulate the physical and genetic makeup but rather capitalize on either femininity or masculinity. With this said, “gender” is indeed a better term, as cross-culturally, people have different traditions and beliefs on how a woman or man should be. These differences could emphasize their behavior, personality, and lifestyle which goes beyond the limitation of “sex”, a term merely based on genes.