The Jazz Age by Thabiti Asukile – Article Example

The paper "The Jazz Age by Thabiti Asukile" is a great example of a history article review.
The article under consideration is “Jazz age” written by Thabiti Asukile. Being focused on the jazz as a peculiar music genre, it deals with the unique nature of it synthesizing multiple viewpoints on it. The author’s thesis appears to derive from the opinion promoted by Rogers – according to his assertion, jazz is a music genre dominating purely American culture and the reflection of the great contribution made by African Americans to the development of the latter.
In throwing light onto the topic, the author uses numerous resources and primary texts to support his viewpoint: most of all Asukile bases his article upon the works of a formidable contemporary historian of the first half of the 20th century Joel Augustus Rogers, who elevates significance of jazz and stresses its superiority over other ethnic music genres, as jazz evolved into a popular (among white people, too) music that didn’t only symbolize revolt but subsequently “truly democratized” and improved the society both in America and beyond its borders. The argument supporting the thesis are rather plausible, as the author uses a rather wide range of primary sources and has the necessary competence to deal with the topic: Thabiti Asukile specializes in American history from the standpoint of African Americans and their contribution.
The conclusion drawn by the author proves the thesis, as the influence of jazz both on American and on French culture (Montmartre) was described. However, it seems that the author didn’t include much of his own perspective of the topic into this article, collecting, summarizing and analyzing opinions and data provided by other authors – this can be considered a limitation of the analyzed work. The world of music observes a smooth transition from classic jazz to more progressive musical styles such as jazz fusion, nu jazz and other combines styles representing the mixture of various genres; thus, the influence of classic jazz cannot be downplayed as a lot of modern music styles contain its essential features.