Taylor Swift's Way To Succeed – Article Example

Tay-lor’s Starbucks Mania There have been quite some moments for Taylor Swift to have given herself a thrust into media not to mention her desire to be on the shelves of Starbucks! Being a ‘role-model’ for the new generation the “poet laureate of puberty” has sold more than twenty million albums. Is that not quite fishy? Taylor’s grand appearance on red carpet has really got her blushing standing next to the rapper Kanye West. Her music is undoubtedly the solitary ambassador of teen psyche and reflection of her personal life. “You belong to me” domineeringly moves surreptitiously into the masses who flaunt their love for Taylor hypnotized by her personality. After all she has read a nine-hundred- page book called “The Kennedy Women”. Is it not amazing how she does it for the public? She does not drink nor goes to club. So much so that she even avoids going to the rehab centers.
Swift has had a bitter encounter in her life as well. Her friends ditched her in adolescence for being recognized at such an early age in her life. Swift’s mother had a strong influence on her life. Her passion for song-writing and singing was driven by her mother’s frequent visits to karaoke competitions after which all Swift had to do was run the show. Her serious ambiance about her has left her fans into a state of trance and fixation which she never fails to cherish and swank about in her interviews. This is Taylor Swift’s trademark.