The Provinces and Canadian Foreign Trade Policy by Christopher Kukucha – Article Example

The paper "The Provinces and Canadian Foreign Trade Policy by Christopher Kukucha" is an outstanding example of a marketing article review.
Canada is very active when it comes to foreign trade as is evident from the numerous organizations that trade with the country (Kukucha 54). Foreign trade market entry is not an easy process and requires among other requirements a lot of capital. This problem has been solved by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) which funds the companies entering into the foreign market. The other actively involved organization to ensure the success of the companies and even entrepreneurs are the Export Development Canada (EDC) which guides and advice on what business to engage in what country and at what time.
The BDC on their website indicates that they offer loans to entrepreneurs as well as to the organizations in order to provide money for the capital. Other than loans, the bank also offers financial advice on how to invest their profits and grow their money. This is to avoid them having to default the loan repayment or having to shut down the business due to inappropriate financial administration and management. The EDC on the hand provides tips on foreign trading and especially the export department. They have knowledge of the global trading and are very useful to especially new foreign trader and all these are indicated in their official website
What I found most interesting is that despite the assistance these organizations offer to give, there are still those people and organizations that do not follow them leading to negative foreign trading experience. Entrepreneurs especially fail to understand that these organizations have immense experience and can never mislead customers. There are success stories in these organizations’ websites which is really encouraging.