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Summary of an Article al Affiliation Summary of an Article The article written by Weninger & Hoi-Yi Kan en d “(Critical) Language awareness in business communication” and published in the English for Specific Purposes presented crucial concerns regarding the inclusion of theoretical frameworks of critical language awareness (CLA) in courses such as Business English and Business Communication. The authors initially presented a conceptual framework that detailed the inclusion of CLA in course curricula through referencing various studies conducted on the subject; to encompass enhancing awareness on the purpose of critical awareness; and taking learners’ perspectives and view on CLA. Through the participation of 154 second-year students of engineering programs, the authors applied a research method that initially surveyed the students’ apparent disposition for learning Business English and specifically applied the Stevens and Bean’s (2007) model for Critical Literacy (Weininger & Hoi-Yi Kan, 2013, p. 62). After a four-week instructional approach, using the Technical Business Communication component, the results revealed that there was significant improvement in students’ performance and overall metalinguistic awareness, identified as a crucial factor in CLA. The findings emphasized the students’ acknowledgement of the direct link between language awareness and effective establishment of social constructs. Likewise, the authors affirmed that appropriate conditions that include assessment of students’ disposition, effective structure of institutional and disciplinary contexts, as well as previous experiences with reflexive dialogues are essential components prior to appropriately instituting a CLA approach within the business realm.
Weininger, C., & Hoi-Yi Kan, K. (2013). (Critical) Language awareness in business communication. English for Specific Purposes, Vol. 32, 59–71.