Turkish Language Teaching Strategies – Article Example

The paper "Turkish Language Teaching Strategies" is an exceptional example of an educational article review.
Globally, foreign/second languages have gained great significance. Foreign language teaching has increased recently, and people are now determining foreign language as a feature that everybody must have instead of a specialty. For that purpose, teachers who teach Turkey language must determine the learner’s characteristic very well and enrich the environment of teaching with different techniques and materials (Gocer 2008, pp. 288). Turkish teachers are not able to give adequate lessons due to various issues.
In order for the Turkish language to be taught according to objectives, physical and social dimensions, variables of the environment and teaching strategies should have great importance. Teacher's quality is the primary significant aspect. The teacher designs the environment from the pedagogical point of view and selects appropriate materials, methods, strategies and techniques (Gocer, 2008, pp.287).
There are different problems facing the Turkish department. According to the research, most of the Turkish teachers began teaching the foreign language as a result of homework. In addition, they started teaching as an idea of career-making, knowing cultures’ intention and; therefore, they did not gain enough training for the job. They did not have appropriate methods or designs to teach the language.
They use poor teaching techniques in classrooms. The teachers do not use systematic strategies, techniques or methods in teaching a foreign language instead they use traditional methods. Few teachers inform the learners about the works and the targets that they are to accomplish. Few teachers give lessons as a learning field or skill expert; hence, they do not attach equal significance and spare some time to every skill (Gocer, 2008, pp.287-90). As a result, students end up learning to succeed in their exams but not for future reference.
From the discussion, Turkish teachers do not give adequate lessons due to graduating with inadequate knowledge and the use of traditional methods in teaching. Training of qualified teachers of the language should be given importance in order to manage the Turkish language education.