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Summaries The smartphone The modern phones have a lot of concentrated microprocessors which is a feature that was not there in the past. Phones use electromagnetic radiations to receive and send signals. The last decade has been characterized by changes in phone types in terms of size, weight and frequency bands. A cell phone requires to send and receive messages from a base station for it to connect with other phones. The effect of these waves was first discovered in 2002 when Brundtland claimed that a nearby phone would make her ill (Davis 47). More researches on her claim have followed later. The WHO has been on the forefront in carrying out studies on the biological effects of radio frequencies. ICNIPR has cooperated with WHO in an attempt to research on cell phone radiations. Their research has however been highly criticized on grounds of whether the research is independent and credible. Brundtland’s ideas have diffused through the web, and the whole world is aware of the health concern. Davis claims that cell phones are important in life but, on the other hand, are the source of many chronic health problems
The Blood Brain Barrier Revisited
The research on effects of radio radiations has been hampered by budgetary concerns as well as political decisions. Adlkofer and his team headed a research that investigated the DNA response to modern phone technology despite not being funded by the European Union. Their research was precise since it used human cells as opposed to using rodents like in many other researches. They found out that the rate at which DNA cells were damaged by 3 G phones was ten times more to that by 2G mobile phones (Davis 121). The research claimed that DNA cells lost their self-repairing ability and thus leading to uncontrolled growth. This report was criticized and printed in the science magazine despite there being eleven other researches in its support. The magazines claim that mobile phones do not damage the DNA became widely spread and influenced people wrongly.
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