Stroke: Symptoms, Tests And Treatment – Article Example

The paper "Stroke: Symptoms, Tests And Treatment" is a worthy example of an article review on health studies&medicine.
The article titled 'Stroke: Symptoms, Tests, And Treatment' was authored by Elizabeth Palermo and was published on October 31, 2014 (Palermo 1). The focus of this article was to inform all stakeholders about the symptoms of an individual experiencing stroke, the tests that can help in identifying whether an individual is suffering stroke and remedies that can be used to treat the patient of stroke. This article can help in changing the way physicians as well as patients are trying to treat patients suffering from stroke and it can even help individuals from keeping themselves away from a stroke. For example, the article cites a chairman of neurology who states that stroke is not triggered by smoking and it can be avoided by keeping blood pressure under controlled limits. This article informs physicians that instead of persuading individuals to cut down on cigarette smoking, physicians should focus on advising patients to reduce and control their blood pressure levels. This can even impact the policy maker’s decision regarding cigarette smoking and policymakers will make policies while focusing on controlling blood pressure levels rather than making policies to control cigarette smoking. The article even prescribes a drug that is characterized as a clot buster drug that can be prescribed by physicians to their patients in order to treat themselves if they have experienced a stroke. The article was quite interesting to read because stroke is a major reason that is resulting in deaths and being an individual I am quite concerned about my health and this article has provided me with important insight regarding ways I can reduce the risk of developing stroke.