Song – Article Example

of the of the Concerned 31 January Song of the Song: Heal the World Singer: Michael Jackson This music video portrays the children from countries suffering from war and unrest. The kind of leadership that this song talks about is a visionary leadership.
The singer in this song presents an idea of a world that tends to bring out the best in people and intends to gather them around a purpose that is universal and caters to the hopes and aspirations of all people, irrespective of their nationality, ethnicity, gender, race or social background. It presents before people a shared sense of purpose. This song invokes people to give up their narrow interests and affiliations and urges them to align themselves with a nobler purpose (Nanus 3). The singer presents this visionary idea with ample imagination, creativity, insight and boldness.
The theme that this song revolves around tends to be farsighted, and the intentions inherent in this song are far from being narrow and petty. The vision in this song successfully manages to touch the goodness inherent in the human character. This song places before the listeners a big picture that is unlike anything that they could achieve alone, but could only be approached collectively (Nanus 3). This song intends the welfare of the entire humanity and focuses on the interconnectedness between people from varied nations and ethnicities.
The one pivotal thing about the idea of leadership presented in this song is that it pleads to people to look for solutions rather than brooding over problems.

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