Social Anthropology – Article Example

Destabilized Anthropology Humankind has resolved to using quick fix solutions to their problems. Case in point,the pill has become an everyday solution to most of humankind’s problems. From the pills, which we take to fix solutions resulting from lack of sleep to the food that we take, we continue to witness a situation whereby thoughts become destabilized with differences arising in conceiving things. Nonetheless, a process of destabilizing the anthropology can help an individual arrive at the information from within the body and provide answers following interpretations with further images produced in our minds. The contemporary society has however contributed to overreliance on people’s knowledge and literature, which has come at the expense of enhancing self-sufficiency in developing knowledge and information from the inherent mankind skills of problem-solving. Moving beyond fiction towards the truth remains the biggest conquest one can achieve. However, achieving this can be through a process that involves tracing methods that include sensory experiences. These experiences enable people to transcend their current situations and search for answers regarding their future. Hence, an individual moves along a journey from their present-day situation towards asking questions about the future, which is a journey abroad. Overall, the contemporary society undergoes disillusionments and reorganizations that are unstable and increasingly taking a perspective that was less physical and took a virtual approach.