SAS Institute – Article Example

SAS Institute Would you want to work for SAS Institute? Yes. First, today’s working environment is very un-conducive and demanding and it takes up an individual’s entire time. Most people do not enjoy the work they do and the company they work in. Occasionally you will hear people claiming that the reason they go to work is that they have no other alternative. Unruly bosses, working outside one’s job description and operating through unreasonable deadlines, are just but a few aspects of the current job setting. That aside, SAS Company is among the few companies that still comprehend the value of workers as its founder Jim Goodnight articulates, “If you workers as if they make a difference to the company, they will make a difference to the company” (“Fortune..”, p 64).
One of the reason as to why I would work at SAS is due to its accommodating working environment. Workers at the SAS describe the organization’s work setting as relaxed despite the fact that the company’s activities entail programming and coding, which are far from that ‘relaxed’ feeling. Most companies that engage in software engineering do not have a relaxed mood in their working environment (“Fortune...” p 64).
SAS Company is not gender biased and this can be explained by the fact that it opted to open up a day care facility in order to keep their female employees. In the majority of companies, women do not get their jobs back once they go for maternal leave. The company’s manager asserts that the majority managers are women, which is ironic since men dominate the coding world (“Fortune...” p 64).
The SAS stability is another reason for wanting to work within premises. SAS offers stock options and very hefty salaries. Since SAS is a private company it offers no stocks and very extraordinary salaries and this strategy it uses to attract and keep the most talented employees. Employees are treated very well in such areas, as there are no limitations to sick days and in fact, they can stay home to take care of sick family members. Moreover, its employee turn -over rate is very low besides it has never had downsizing (“Fortune…”, p 65).
SAS promotion of balance between family and work is an attractive strategy. SAS has a very large on -site day care where the families can enjoy lunch meal together. SAS has incorporated a seven-hour workday meaning workers leave work at five. SAS therefore has a very flexible work environment that nurtures the welfare of its employees both at the home and at work (“Fortune...” p 65).
Conclusively, SAS Company has attractive benefits that motivate workers and attract the most talented employees. It recognizes the value of employees and the impact they have to the company. This value recognition has enabled SAS to create a work setting that accommodate everyone including mothers and people with families. Managers at SAS perform the same tasks as their subordinates and this ensures that everything is one besides it promotes professional growth (“Fortune...” p 65).
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