Apple Faces New Copyright Suit after Proview – Article Example

The paper "Apple Faces New Copyright Suit after Proview" is a great example of a management article review.
The introduction gives a detailed outline of the proposal, clearly stating the content of the document. The only problem is that the subheadings are not precise. The one on the problems should clearly elaborate on the addressed problems, for example, problems of working conditions in Faxconn.
The problems the proposal targets to address are working conditions and child labour in Faxconn Technology (Wei, 1). The inclusion of the warranty problems in China, however, is out of line according to the thesis statement. There is a clear outline of the problems, however, the statement from Faxconn, in relation to child labour, makes it seem like it is not really a problem. More research on the working conditions is highly recommended to give a vivid picture of the whole situation.
The solution given in the proposal is very clear. It is possible to improve the working conditions on time with the given solution, as it is reasonable. Nevertheless, the document does not give the cost of implementing this solution. In addition, there is no solution to the problem of child labour.
The solution given to the problem, which has a logic approach, is not persuasive enough. Addition of more solutions could improve on this. Some of the practical solutions that could be included are equipping the workers with protective working gears, using less reactive and nonpoisonous chemicals as much as possible, offering scholarships to children instead of employing them and having an age limit when employing people (Wei, 1).
The introduction to the proposal is interesting, however, the sections for problems and solutions have some problems. To keep the reader hooked to read the whole proposal, the problems facing the employees’ working conditions should be stated and explained in a more emphatic and detailed manner in order to drive the point home. Implementing the recommended solutions will also help because all problems stated in the proposal would have a suggested solution.