Some Religious Leaders See a Threat as Europe Grows More Secular – Article Example

The paper "Some Religious Leaders See a Threat as Europe Grows More Secular" is an excellent example of an article review on religion and theology.
Ewing’s article on the conflict between religious practices and the secular debates in Europe is an eye opener into the growing trend of secularism in modern Europe. Notably, the thesis of the article is built on two main issues. The first issue relates to the question of circumcision as practiced by both Jews and Muslims who live in Germany (Ewing). The second issue relates to the recent caricatures and images of Prophet Mohammed which was obviously meant to ignite the passions of the Islamic populations. The unsettling reality about these two issues is that the secular society increasingly seeks to suppress the expression of religious expression through covert and overt means. In some sense, some formal institutions such as the courts of laws and legislative arms of governments have been used to create structures that actively propagate the values of secularism while challenging the positions held by religious institutions.
This article notes that political processes and politicians have tended to take sides with a good number of them aligning themselves to the course of secular forces within the society. The merit of this argument should be considered together with the concern that the value of religious institutions around the world has continued to come under sharp attacks from the secular forces. In the absence of religion, it would be generally difficult to find alternative ways of instilling social order and ethics in the human populations. The challenge brought on the question of circumcision highlights one of the most direct assaults on the tenets of Jewish and Islamic beliefs. It would be important to observe the reactions of the secular society in light of the problematic limits of universal freedoms and liberties and the attendant threats to other parties and minority groups.