Research On Local And National TV News – Article Example

Research on Local and National TV News The Pew Research Center is a non-partisan research group that helps to keep Americans informed about the accurate data and factual information about the most current and pressing issues of today. It does this by conducting public polls, demographic research, media content analysis, and other methods of culling large data information.
2. Rick Edmonds is a media business analyst at the Poynter Institute. The Poynter Institute is a non - profit journalism school. I would like to believe that the school is reputable because it is non-profit and therefore does not need to lean towards any particular political belief or social ideology in order to exist. The Institute serves the population that wishes to learn about accurate journalism.
3. The segments that used to be fillers in news casts are now over 40 seconds long. These include the weather report, traffic update, and sports news. A clear indication that the news industry is suffering from :shrinking pains” due to the existence of news on demand via smart phone and tablet PC.
4. I no longer use newspapers or local news reports in tv as my source of town news. These days I find out most of the news via news feed, twitter, or news search on my mobile phone, smart phone, or tablet PC. It is faster and I get a more concrete picture of the issue because of the various news sources I can access on a given news item.
5. The local 3 -- ABC, NBC, and CBS have not changed the way they cover the news and how they report it since 2007. But cable television has adjusted to the changing news needs of its subscribers and viewers.
6. The 3 major cable news networks are Fox, CNN, and MSNBC. MSNBC now presents itself as a left leaning network. While Fox News has since reinvisioned itself as a right wing network, but not too far right leaning. CNN on the other hand presents itself as the fence sitter of the big 3. Not really having a solid stance on any definitive issue. Thus making it the least effective of the 3 networks when it comes to delivering news reports.