Reflective Journal On Management Skills – Article Example

Task When I was a young boy, my brothers and I used to go to construction sites to play. I used to observe how the workers related on site to know who was in charge. Some of the workers in the construction site were very good workers but with some challenges. They never willingly wore their helmets, this usually prompted many nasty exchanges between the manager and them, and it was not pleasant at all. The manager used to shout at them most of the time but he later realised this would not work and he had to try a different approach, dialogue. He reasoned that they were not supposed to have their helmets as a sign of respect to him but for their own safety. He started talking to them along the line of safety and the need to protect themselves and within no time, this was not a challenge anymore.
This was an eye-opening incident that brought into my understanding a new spec of managerial wisdom. Where I not only look at my values but the values of the people I am leading. Sometimes we do things because we want to show someone who is boss only to realise that whatever we do we are just servants. I realise that my number one goal as a manager and a leader is to inculcate in my employees a sense of awareness of how important they are to the organisation and how much the organisation invests in them. Shouting at employees is a common occurrence in organizations more so when ones emotional intelligence is not good enough. As a manager, I do realize that I will sometimes be angry at employees but controlling my emotions is the best way to handle any such situation. Emotional control is the ultimate key in unlocking my potential as a people leader. Indeed Goleman, McKee and Boyatzis, (2002, p. vii) observed, “The fundamental task of leaders, we argue, is to prime good feeling in those they lead. That occurs when a leader creates resonance - a reservoir of positivity that frees the best in people”. This is my dream, to lead positive people in the best way possible.
The work of a manager is like the proverbial sun that warmed its way into making man shed his coat willingly unlike the strong winds that made the man hold on tightly to his coat. To make things work in an organization, I now realize that I do not have to be ferocious in my operations and harsh in my decision-making but rather try to be emphatic in as much as I can so that the employee can have his interests taken care of too.
Goleman, D., McKee, A., & Boyatzis, R. E. (2002). Primal leadership: Learning to lead with emotional intelligence, Boston: Harvard Business School Press.