Performance Improvement Using Lean Methodology – Article Example

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The lean method of evaluation focuses on the reduction of wastes through the improvement of efficiency and performance. In the case, of radiology department of St Luke’s Regional Medical in Sioux City, the focus of the change process was to reduce the time wastage in the process leading to the development of effective patient service delivery (Harmelink, 2008, p. 2). The department conducted a Performance Improvement and the findings indicated the need for communication between the departments before a transfer of the patient to the department.
The lean conducted by the department indicates a need for improvement in various sectors, especially in communication. The employee opinion, after the performance improvement survey, indicates positivity and improved efficiency. The PI achieved its target by reducing the time for the pre-exam wait by 64% and post-exam wait by 69% (Harmelink, 2008, p. 4). The patient holding area because of the time wastage reduction was eliminated. The success of the lean methodology led to improved efficiency in the process.
Lean methodology borrows from the set standards of performance improvement such as the Kaizen principle. From the improvement process instigated in the radiology department of the hospital, it is evident that the success of the whole process was climaxed by communication. Communication with the other departments ensured preparation of the different staffs to receive the patients reducing the time spent on communication. Effective communication improves the quality and reduces the time used in the treatment process. The improvement time utilization leads elimination of the patient waiting area because there is no time wastage in the process. Lean methodology helps in performance improvement if properly planned and executed.