A Resurgent Netflix Beats Projections, Even its Own by Brian Stelter – Article Example

The paper "A Resurgent Netflix Beats Projections, Even its Own by Brian Stelter" is a great example of a marketing article review.
Netflix, Inc provides its customers with movie and television show rental service on a subscription basis. Subscribers receive the media through internet streaming and US mail. Netflix provides its customers with entertainment services in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, South America, U.K., and the Nordic countries. Consumers mostly utilize the entertainment service at their place of residence during their leisure time. Netflix’s customers prefer its services to that of its competitors because it offers unlimited rentals at a flat fee without due dates. In addition, the company does not charge its customers late fees, per title rental fees, or handling or shipping fees.
Netflix’s services are consumed by people across the whole demographic divide, but young people aged below 30 years comprise the greatest proportion of its customer base. This is because this is the portion of Western populations that is technology-survey and is obsessed with media entertainment. Netflix offers its internet video streaming service to subscribers at an additional fee above the usual subscription fee. This is very repelling to customers considering that competitors such as Apple do not charge this additional fee. Netflix can, therefore, improve its service delivery to customers by removing the internet video streaming fee. This will make internet video streaming more accessible to customers and will also increase the company’s customer base.
Netflix can significantly increase its customer base by conducting promotions targeting potential customers. The company can target potential customers by designing informational adverts describing the benefits of the company’s services, and putting them up on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Netflix can also increase the volume of business conducted with current customers by running previews of the latest movies and television shows on customer profiles. This promotional method will stimulate customers to purchase more movies and TV shows and, consequently, increase Netflix’s revenue.