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Malaysia Business “Although women entrepreneurs are highlighted as having much significant contribution towards the nation,research regarding the demographic characteristics of women entrepreneurs is still less.”
In this contemporary world, women entrepreneurs have become a major player in accelerating the economic development and ICT related business in Malaysia. Reliable evidence proves that Women business owners have dramatically increased. However, there is little research in this area. For example, Brush and Edelman (2000) did a little research in entrepreneurship that explored the female population. Additionally, some female headed organizations were affected by changes in terms of employment fluctuation that affected the economic activity in the short and long term run. Women entrepreneurship has been imperative to entrepreneurship research due to its contribution to academic, growth and performance in this sector. However, there is the lack of concrete evidence that exists to show the generality of such causes and if there is much difference results exclusively from Malaysia local based women entrepreneurs.
Technology has evolved rapidly over the last decade and this play an imperative role in our day to day activities. I agree with the statement that with latest trends in ICT , women entrepreneurs are faced with barriers that inhibit them from taking advantage of uprising economic opportunities and, accessing more productive jobs with higher income generating opportunities. Women entrepreneurs should be supported to introduce new ideas and enhance their potential, create employment and reduce poverty. I believe that for women to recognize their entrepreneurial potential, it is essential to promote role models that coincide with their aspirations and realities.
In support of my conclusion, after critical analysis of the research conducting on women entrepreneurs in Malaysia, the findings indicated a good average for hard work in running the business. The women showed high inspiration, more energy and were willing to learn novel ideas in the business journey. Therefore, it was upon the government to provide for the women incentives and encourage them to get involved in ICT based business. This is a strategy for increasing participation of women in the business sector in Malaysia. I think that I high level of education as stated in the article would give women a better chance of prospering in their business.
I reviewed all the data with regards to women entrepreneurship in this article and it is a clear indication of the demographic factors marital status, level of education and years since the establishment of the business have a direct effect on the success of their business. The level of ICT is one factor that should be taken into much consideration for their success in business. From my perspective, I would like to open a franchise for Victoria’s Secret that would sell clothes, handbags, perfumes and offer services like massage and pedicure for women in Malaysia. Online shopping will also be embraced so that people can purchase the products they want and they can be delivered to them.
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