Human Geography – Article Example

The paper "Human Geography" is an excellent example of a geography article review.
The etymological origin of the term “Geography” is associated with Greek and it literally means “earth writing or earth describing” (Moseley, Lanegran and Pandit 2). As the term suggests, geography is the study of the earth on the basis of environments, human presence, different lands and their interconnectivity (Moseley, Lanegran and Pandit 2). Geography is an immensely important discipline in the scope of which many of human activities are incorporated. These activities include traveling, assessment of any place and migration. Geography is intrinsically associated with daily human life from the simple question of where to buy the best coffee to the complex forecasting of hurricanes and earthquakes (Moseley, Lanegran and Pandit 1-3).
As it has been mentioned above that there is a strong bond present between humans and geography; the contemporary discipline of the merger of two has become an intensely important domain of inquiry (Moseley, Lanegran, and Pandit 2-3). This is known as human geography which strictly deals with human activity on earth. It incorporates the studies of patterns and dynamics of human activities on different landscapes and the inquiry of human-environment dynamics which is conventionally known as nature-society tradition (Moseley, Lanegran and Pandit 3).
In the modern times, human geography has become one of the most important disciplines of geography in which economic to political geography and from population to cultural geography are studied. In addition, cultural to political ecology and from agricultural to hazards geography are analyzed (Moseley, Lanegran and Pandit 4-6). Geographers analyze the world with the perspective of spatial patterns and the synthesis of factors in a specific region. It can be said that geographers compartmentalize the earth into spatial patterns which help them to understand diversities on different locations (Moseley, Lanegran and Pandit 4-8). This discipline is utilized in many major aspects of modern life including geology and botany along with economics, sociology, and anthropology (Moseley, Lanegran and Pandit 9). Human geography is essential not only because of its scope of inquiry but also because of its interconnectivity with human history and human life.