Last Journal Entry: Exploring Win Win Solution And Drafting A Voluntary Agreement – Article Example

Journal Entry Win-win solution with Agreement Mediation sessions are meant to provide resolutions and restore the working relationship between the conflicting parties to its best. Thus, resolutions or agreements concluded from such sessions need to be adapted and practiced by both parties sincerely and aptly. If one of them fails to comply with the agreement he/she is usually faced with a grave professional consequence of disqualification from his/her post or a severe penalty like demotion or change of department. Therefore, it is crucial to adapt a proactive approach towards mutual agreement and one can also provide his terms of agreement initially to make the resolution workable for him as well.
The conflict between me and my colleague required workable and pragmatic resolution as we both work in the same department and many at times on same projects. Thus, we both could work in the presence of the third party and that third part can divide work between us and recheck our work in the end. Moreover, a meeting of appreciation can be held and both of us can come up with positive appreciation notes/comments for one another other. In addition to it, private meetings for the sake of betterment can also be arranged as social gatherings are meant to increase consideration and empathy for each other.
However, if any one of us declines or intentionally breaks the terms of mutual agreement terms (cooperation and respect for the sake of smooth organizational working) so she should be faced with a penalty. These penalties could be change of department, demotion, no- promotion, decline of yearly incentives or termination of job (depends upon the severity of one’s action). Professional conflicts need to be resolved so to resume the normal and swift working of the organization. One cannot keep grudges against his coworkers and move ahead. He/she has to cooperate and work with others at many times and for that he/she has to put his sincere efforts to remove strife between them through his proactive communication and management skills.