Joe Morgenstern Review Kung Fu Panda 2 – Article Example

The paper "Joe Morgenstern Review – Kung Fu Panda 2" is an excellent example of an article review on visual arts&film studies.
In his review Morgenstern has basically tried to show that there is no real script or story behind Kung Fu Panda 2; the actual magic is in the direction and the visible appeal through 3D animation, graphics, and the spectacular sets.
Morgenstern calls Kung Fu the “border-line obese panda turned Dragon Warrior”. In the first episode, Po was just a normal panda who worked at a noodle restaurant and was a fan of Kung Fu. Later he was selected for fulfilling a very ancient prophecy and he was required to enter the world of Kung Fu, which fulfilled his old dream. In the second episode, Po is The Dragon Warrior responsible for the protection of the Valley of Peace. It is when an enemy decides to destroy everything and conquer China that Po comes into action.
As mentioned above, Morgenstern does not consider the script of any importance. In fact, he has said that the script needs some revising, for instance, it “could do with more dimensions”. He rightly says that all the attraction there is in the movie is owing to graphic design and nothing else. Every scene and the set has been enhanced by 3D and it is very much apparent that that is actually the “not-so-secret weapon” behind the success of this film. Either there is a lot of 3D detail in the scene or a lot of action, and between them, these two elements have managed to attract the audience.