Interview – Article Example

Kylee Moore gave tips on having a successful interview. Strategies for a good interview are simple. Be prepared, arrive before the interview time, research the position, and be aware of the type of interview are just a few tips. A successful interview will lead to a new job.
The dos of an interview start with being prepared. The company history, mission, product, conduct, and organization structure need to be known. Make sure you have proper directions, enough time, and be ten to fifteen minutes early. The name of the interviewer and their position in the company should be learned beforehand. Scheduling conflicts need to be addressed before the interview. There is no need to waste the interviewer’s time, if you cannot be at work due to the schedule. The length of the interview can be found on a website or asking an employee before the interview. Another question needed to be asked is if anything needs to be brought. Should you prepare a presentation, have questions, or materials? All of these questions should be asked in advance. Make sure to be able to elaborate on your resume, talents, and portfolio.
In the interview dress appropriately. No tennis shoes, leggings, sandals, or jeans should be worn. Suits and dresses should be worn with dress shoes. Firm handshakes should be given. Make eye contact with minimal hand movements when speaking. Ask questions about the job. Do not come off as smug. Interact with the interviewer with respect.
After the interview, follow up. Email or phone to the interviewer. Finally, after the interview a thank you note should be sent. A person thanked for their time even without hiring you would give a good reference. A good impression will always last among colleagues and peers.