Historical Perspective Of Calcium Binding Protein – Article Example

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The historical understanding of the application of calcium in biology forms the basis for the understanding of the core functions of calcium-binding proteins. Ideally, about ten interrelated concepts or themes with their success alongside their frustrations are very significant in understanding the recent decades (Permyakov and Kretsinger, pg 1). Some of these themes include but not limited to mitochondria, secondary messengers, coagulation, crosslinking, colloids, biomineralization, hormones, pomps and calcium binding proteins. The advancement history of the calcium-binding protein super-family is correctly documented. It is believed that the progression events which took place included the intron insertion and exon shuffling. This justified the existence of all the members forming this super-family.
According to Permyakov and Kretsinger (pg, 17), the members comprising of this family is believed to be from a general ancestor who individually was as a result of two subsequent gene duplications. According to the hypothesis, this common ancestral gene was as a result of two successive duplications of at least four exons and every exon was coding with the calcium binding domain, which was later on detached by an intron which acts as a mediator during the duplication process. It significant to note that every individual lineage that emanated from this common ancestor or origin, they did so by genomic reorganization whereby insertion of introns playing a highly significant role.