Fitness Article – Article Example

Fitness Article Summary Finding the right balance of exercise has been an elicited a lot of debate because experts are yet to reacha neutral conclusion on the right dose. According to large-scale studies conducted, longevity and health are some of the reasons why people engage in hard exercise. Therefore, scientists cite a safe upper limit and a minimum recommendation within a time frame of 150 minutes. It means per week, an individual should strive for 20 to 30 minutes per day consistently to prolong life (Reynolds, 2015).
My Opinion
I believe the article raises certain imperative issues worth noting. First, it calls for the regulation of the body in order for the muscles and body organs to exercise with a particular physical activity. In other words, the studies are stressing on safety that is vital for individuals that wish to live longer and healthy. Second, the article’s recommendation equally demonstrates the need for people to develop exercise habits without overworking the body. Overall, I feel the article is essential for those with expectations of a higher life expectancy.
Application to my Fitness Goals
In terms of fitness goals, the article is timely because it stresses on safety and longevity. I am concerned with safety when engaging in strenuous exercises that run longer than 150 minutes per week. It means after reading the article, I shall regulate my time schedule so that I do overwork the body. Similarly, I will also set a new dose that is right with my body mass to avoid early death.
Reynolds, G. (2015, April 15). The Right Dose of Exercise for a Longer Life. New York Times, pp. 1-2.