Feminisms – Article Example

Roy, Carole. 2007. "When wisdom speaks sparks fly: raging grannies perform humor as protest." Womens Studies Quarterly: 150-164. A summary of “When Wisdom Speaks Sparks Fly: Raging Grannies Perform Humor as Protest”
The article takes into consideration the various aspects related to the activism that is propagated by ‘Raging Grannies’. For this reason, this article is absolutely relevant the activism project that I am working on. The ideas and history presented in the article are a clear reflection of the contributions that are put forward by this group of activists on different platforms and countries of the world.
Followed by brief introduction, the article focuses on the history of Raging Grannies. Although, the term is generally reserved for older women who take part in a protest against a local or international issue, the motives, actions and approach of different groups of Raging Grannies differ to a large extent. From issues like nuclear proliferation to the wars that destroy the world; the scope of activities is unlimited. Internet provides a means of connection to the different groups of Raging Grannies, although their efforts seem largely disconnected.
The article also takes into consideration the various methods that are used by these activists. The medium that is used to convey a message is ‘humor’; which to an ordinary observer is surprising, keeping in view the fact that the one being criticized may hide behind the non-seriousness of the message. The effects are yet overwhelming and the songs, poetry and other means used to convey the message of protest do have their impact. The article includes the assertion that “women’s comedy is more ‘dangerous’ than men’s because it challenges authority by refusing to take it seriously”. This is a clear reflection of the thought process that drives this activism related activity.