Extra Credit 2 – Article Example

Extra Credit 2 Affiliation: Standing Out As Products http www.cfs.purdue.edu/richardfeinberg/csr%20331%20consumer%20behavior%20%20spring%202011/godin/standing%20out%20as%20products.mp4
“Standing Out As Products” is a talk on how remarkable products can be in the business setting. The talk considers factors, forces, and variables that make businesses succeed while others fail. The organizational pattern employed in this talk is the narrative organizational pattern. The speaker uses different business stories to put his argument across. On the same note, the diversity and dynamism of the business environment is accounted for. Most importantly, the speaker ensures that all the aspects that inform his stories connect to the subject matter of the talk. The different contexts employed in this talk, therefore, enhance the delivery of the arguments at hand.
The use of narrative organizational pattern in this talk is effective in a number of ways. To start with, the audience is characterized by enormous diversity. In order to ensure that this diversity is accounted for, the speaker employs numerous and different stories that majority of the audience can identify or relate with. In so doing, the priority is accorded to businesses and their remarkable operations. Secondly, the speaker maintains key concentration on the main points. His arguments revolve around business, their operations, success, failure, and improvement. Coordination among these aspects if effectively executed. Finally, the speaker makes use of jokes and imagery to move from one point or argument to the next. In so doing, the audience can easily follow the stories and subsequently keep track of the subject matter of the talk.